Being the enthusiastic cooks that we are, we're constantly adding new items to our repertoire, so check back often. Click on the "Learn More" buttons in each category for item listings and their descriptions.


Whether you call them Starters, Appetizers, or Hors d'Oeuvres, they're those smaller bites that get your appetite revved up and go so well with cocktails.


Beethoven once remarked: "Only the pure of heart can make a good soup." We're not making any great claims about our purity, but we do know our way around a good soup!


Whether composed, tossed, pasta or potato, a good salad enhances a dining experience. A cleansing plate of greens has a way of making you feel good about yourself.

Chicken Entrees

Chicken has been likened to the painter's canvas of the culinary world. It's neutral flavor lends itself to so many variations of preparation and sauce pairings.

Pork Entrees

Typically, pork has enjoyed a reputation of being both heartily blue-collar AND high-end elegant. It depends on the cut used and how it's prepared.

Beef Entrees

Rich and hearty, the flavor and texture of prime cuts of beef can transport you to dining luxury found nowhere else.

Seafood Entrees

Some people shy away from preparing seafood at home because of its unforgiving nature when easily overcooked. We've prepared seafood in a myriad of ways over the years, perfecting both our recipes and techniques to bring you perfectly cooked and seasoned choices.

Additional Entrees

Some entrees just couldn't be categorized with the above. Predominantly pasta or rice casserole dishes fall into this category.


Sandwiches should be properly composed, with layers of flavor satisfaction. With that rule uppermost in mind, we present our favorites here, perfect for luncheons or casual gatherings.


Entrees on a plate look so lonely, unless they're paired with the proper side of starch. Whether potato-based or grain-based, a good starch side complements the enjoyment of the main dish.


Gone are the days of bland, washed-out vegetables of the past. If we couldn't jazz 'em up the way we like and make them exciting to eat, we wouldn't offer them. Gladly, we're able to offer them---as jazzed up and exciting as we can make them!


And what would all of the above amount to if there weren't a delicious grace note at the finish to bring the whole dining experience to a close? We've selected some of our favorite concoctions to include in the dessert category.


You need something to wash it all down with, so here goes. . .