How To Peel A Crawfish

Too many people shy away from the pleasure of eating whole body crawfish, because they don't know how to peel them properly to access the sweet meat inside. Here's a short video on how it's done that'll make you an instant expert.

How To Make A Roux

You've either heard it or read it before, the instruction of "First, you make a roux." There's no mystery to it, really. It's simply a matter of flour and fat (usually butter or oil) that's stirred constantly over heat until the raw taste of the flour is cooked off and the color is suitable for the dish being made. For instance, a light, blond roux is ideal for chowders, but a gumbo needs a dark, nutty roux, which requires more time on the heat.

The darker the roux, the less its thickening power when brought to a boil.