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Company History

Chef Bob's Table was founded by Chef Bob Makuch. His passion for good food and his appreciation for Southern regional cuisine culminated in a catering operation unique in the area. After gaining exerience in the local culinary market, he decided to concentrate on bringing his unique brand of food styling to the area and established Chef Bob's Table to continue his culinary adventures.

The Legend Of The Blue Crawfish

There are various species of crawfish that exist throughout the world. Usually, you'll find that they are all similar in color: a muddy reddish-brown. In Louisiana, there are two important commercial species: the red swamp crawfish and the white river crawfish. There are places, however, that are home to a different type of crawfish, electric blue in color. The blue is a genetic pigmentation anomaly. One legend says that if you catch one of these, it should be kept as a pet, because it is considered incredibly lucky. Another legend states that if you kiss a blue crawfish and let it go, you'll have blessings bestowed upon you from the Cajun country. There are probably other versions, too, but the common thread seems to be that the blue crawfish is a symbol of good luck.

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